Best April Fools Day Pranks Played Ever

We have compiled a list of best April Fools Day pranks ever played in the history. This day is celebrated on the 1st of April each year. It’s the day when people play funny pranks and tricks on each other to bring laughter and joy. 

Have you ever wondered how this amusing tradition originated and why it continues to be cherished worldwide?

So Let’s dive in and uncover the much awaited best April Fools day pranks ever played in the history.

1. Uncertain Origins

The true origin of April Fools’ Day is uncertain. It’s origin is still a puzzle, and people don’t have a clear answer about where it came from.

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2. Calendar Change

April Fools’ Day might have started when the calendar changed in 1582. Back then, New Year’s Day used to be in late March. 

Then Gregorian calendar was introduced and it was moved to January 1st. This shift created confusion, and people who resisted the change became the target of playful pranks on April 1st.

But this is again a theory which is not backed up by supporting facts.

3. April Fool Beyond Expectations

 In 1974, the people of Sitka, Alaska, played a big prank. They tricked the whole town into thinking that Mount Edgecumbe, was erupting. This volcano was existent for a very long time, which made it easy to make people believe. 

Smoke rose from the volcano, but it was actually coming from burning tires. The prank lasted for a while and fooled everyone in the town. This was one of the best April Fools day prank ever played in the history. But the fun is not over, let’s find more.

4. News With No Words

In 1860, the New York Times did something unexpected on April Fool’s Day. They published a special edition of the newspaper that was completely silent. Instead of having news articles, the pages were empty with nothing written on them. 

This puzzling prank left the readers confused and surprised, as they were expecting to read the usual news but found blank spaces instead. It was a clever and playful way to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

5. The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest 

In 1957, something funny happened on April Fools’ Day. The BBC, a famous TV station, showed a report about a “Swiss spaghetti harvest.” The report had footage of spaghetti growing on trees! Can you believe it? Many people who watched it were tricked and called the BBC to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti trees. It was just a joke, but it made a lot of people laugh!

6. The Left-Handed Whopper

In 1998, Burger King ran a full-page advertisement in USA Today announcing the introduction of the Left-Handed Whopper The burger was the same as the regular Whopper but rotated 180 degrees to accommodate left-handed customers.

7. The Ban on April Fool’s Day

In 1700, the town of Odense in Denmark decided to stop celebrating April Fools’ Day. They made this decision because there were many pranks that caused problems and damage to people’s things. 

The ban lasted for many years before they started celebrating the day again.

8. The Spaghetti Trees of Sweden

In 1962, a TV show in Sweden fooled many people by showing spaghetti noodles growing on trees. The viewers didn’t realize that spaghetti is actually made from wheat, so they believed the report was true. 

It was a playful prank that made people think that spaghetti could be grown like a plant.

9. The Tower of London Iceberg

In 2004, a British newspaper printed a story saying that a huge block of ice called an iceberg had entered the River Thames and was moving towards the Tower of London. This story was completely made up and not true, but it fooled a lot of people who read it.

10. The Early April Fool

In the 16th century, people in France used to celebrate New Year’s Day from March 25th to April 1st. But when the Gregorian calendar was introduced and New Year’s Day was moved to January 1st, some people didn’t like the change. They were seen as stubborn and resistant. As a result,

others started playing tricks and jokes on them. This tradition of making fun of those who resisted the calendar change became known as April Fool

11. Mood Day:

In Estonia, April Fools’ Day is known as naljapäev and it is followed by a special day called mood On this day, people in Estonia have fun by playing pranks and sharing laughter with each other. It’s a time when jokes and tricks are enjoyed, and everyone gets a chance to have a good laugh.

12. Google’s Pranks:

Google is famous for its April Fools’ Day pranks. They come up with clever and fun ideas, pretending to release fake products or adding playful features to their platforms on this special day. These pranks make people laugh and bring a sense of joy and amusement to Google’s users. It’s become a tradition for Google to surprise everyone with their imaginative and light-hearted April Fools’ Day jokes.

13. Toothpaste-Filled Oreo:

A toothpaste-filled Oreo is a funny prank where someone takes an Oreo cookie and replaces the yummy cream filling with toothpaste. When an unsuspecting person takes a bite, they get a surprising taste of toothpaste instead of the usual sweet cream. It’s a playful way to surprise and make someone laugh on April Fools’ Day or any other silly occasion. Just remember to use toothpaste that is safe to consume and not harmful.

14. Kick me:

One classic April Fools’ prank is the kick me sign. It involves putting a note on someone’s back that says kick me When people see the sign, they might playfully tap or kick the person without them knowing why. It’s a common and light-hearted prank that brings laughter on April Fools’ Day.

15. April Fish

In France, April Fools’ Day is called Poisson d’Avril. It’s a day when people play tricks on each other by sticking paper fish on their backs. It’s a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate the day, bringing laughter and surprises to everyone involved.

16. Hunting the Gowk

In Scotland, April Fools’ Day is called hunting the gowk The word gowk means a cuckoo bird, which represents a foolish person. On this day, it is a tradition to play a prank on someone by sending them on a pointless errand. This makes them the gowk or the April Fool.

17. Two-Day Celebration

In a few countries like Scotland and Ireland, April Fools’ Day is celebrated for two days. The second day is called Taily Day and it’s when people play pranks related to the backside. They find funny and playful ways to joke around using this part of the body. It adds an extra day of laughter and mischief to the celebration of April Fools’ Day.

We have tried to bring classic best April fools day pranks from the history for you. We hope these pranks must have put a smile on your faces and induced a thought for thinking of a playful trick for yourself.

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