Full Moon Names by Month

Did you know that we have given full moon names by month? The moon has been with humans since the beginning of civilisation. The captivating beauty of Moon has inspired poets, writers and lovers throughout this journey of time.

As we kept admiring the moon, we also started trying to unravel the mysteries behind this astonishing celestial beauty. During this course we discovered a plenty of fascinating facts about Moon, which you can read here.

As current day standing, we have been to moon multiple times. Despite all the knowledge and facts that we know, we still love and admire the beauty of Moon as we used to years ago. As the full moon graces the night sky each month, it carries with it a name. The full moon names by month do encapsulate the essence of the season and the profound connection between humans and the celestial realm.

So, let’s take this opportunity and learn all about the Full Moon Names By Month. Before we go into the details about each full moon names by month, let’s have a quick look in tabular format.

MonthFull Moon Name
JanuaryWolf Moon
FebruarySnow Moon
MarchWorm Moon
AprilPink Moon
MayFlower Moon
JuneStrawberry Moon
JulyBuck Moon
AugustSturgeon Moon
SeptemberHarvest Moon
OctoberHunter’s Moon
NovemberBeaver Moon
DecemberCold Moon
Full Moon Names by Month

January Full Moon

Wolf Moon: is the first full moon of the year. This full moon is named after the howling of wolves, which was traditionally heard during the cold winter months. It can sometimes appear reddish in colour during the cold and snowy month of January.

In astrology, the January full moon is often seen as a time of heightened emotions and inner reflection, as it falls in the sign of Capricorn.

February Full Moon

The Snow Moon: This full moon is named after the snow that often falls in February. The moon’s surface appears gray due to the shadows cast by the craters. It can also be called the Hunger Moon because food was often scarce during this time.

In some years, February can have an additional full moon, known as a “Blue Moon,” if the first full moon occurs early enough in the month.

March Full Moon

The Worm Moon: This full moon is named after the worms that start to appear in the soil as the weather warms up. It can also called Sap Moon because it’s the time when sap starts to flow in maple trees. 

In 2023, the full moon in March occurred on March 12th.

April Full Moon

The Pink Moon: The Pink Moon doesn’t actually appear pink in color, but this moon is named after pink flowers called phlox that bloom in April. This flower is mostly found in North America. The moon has no light of its own but the moon appears bright white due to the reflection of sunlight.

In 2023, the Pink Moon occurred on April 11th.

May Full Moon

Flower Moon: The Flower Moon is named after the flowers that bloom in May. The month of May is mostly full of colors filled by flowers such as the bright pink and white flowers of the hawthorn tree. It’s also known as the Corn Planting Moon because it’s the time when farmers start planting corn.

The full moon for the month of May 2023 is on Thursday, May 25th.

June Full Moon

The Strawberry Moon: The Strawberry Moon is named after the strawberry that ripen in June. It’s also called the Rose Moon because roses are in full bloom during this month.

The full moon for the month of June 2023 is on June 9, 2023

July Full Moon

The Buck Moon: This full moon is named after the male deer, or bucks, whose antlers start to grow during this month. It is also sometimes called the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are common in July.

The full moon for the month of July 2023 is on July 9, 2023

August Full Moon

The Sturgeon Moon: this full moon is named after the large fish called sturgeon that are caught in August. It can also called Green Corn Moon because it is the time when corn is ready to be harvested. The moon appears yellowish in color due to the scattering of light in the atmosphere.

The full moon for the month of August 2023 is on August 7, 2023

September Full Moon

Harvest Moon: This moon is named after the harvest that takes place in September. During this month the moon appears larger than usual due to an optical illusion called the Moon Illusion.

The full moon for the month of September 2023 is on September 6, 2023

October Full Moon

Hunter’s Moon: This full moon is named after the time when hunters would traditionally hunt for food to stock up for the winter. It is also sometimes called the Dying Grass Moon because the grass starts to die as the weather gets colder.

The full moon for the month of October 2023 is on October 5, 2023

November Full Moon

The Beaver Moon: This full moon is named after the time of year when beavers build their winter dams. At times it has also been referred as Frosty Moon or Mourning Moon or Trading Moon by various Native American tribes.

The full moon for the month of November 2023 is on November 4, 2023

December Full Moon

The Cold Moon: This moon is named after it falls during the coldest time of the year. It’s also known as the Long Nights Moon because it is the time when the nights are longest.

The full moon for the month of December 2023 is on December 3, 2023


In this section we will try to find some very quick answers to the questions which are very commonly asked about Full Moon names by Months

When is January Full Moon?

January full moon is on January 6, 2023.

When is February full moon?

February full moon is on February 5, 2023

When is March full moon?

March full moon is on March 7, 2023

When is April full moon?

April full moon is on April 6, 2023

When is May full moon?

May full moon is on May 5, 2023

When is June full moon?

June full moon is on June 3, 2023

When is July full moon?

July full moon is on July 3, 2023

When is August full moon?

August full moon is on August 1, 2023 and another one on August 30, 2023

When is September full moon?

September full moon is on September 29, 2023

When is October full moon?

October full moon is on October 28, 2023

When is November full moon?

November full moon is on November 27, 2023

When is December full moon?

December full moon is on December 26, 2023

I hope with this post about full moon names by month, I was able to provide some meaningful information to you. So, the next time you gaze up at the night sky during a full moon, remember the ancient wisdom and cultural significance behind the moon names by month.

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